How to include one number instead of various number

I have below data set which has 3 columns in it.
My requirement is to get one number for “Bank Number” Column, if the Bank Name and Country name are same.

We can add any number into Bank Number column as below, but it should be one number for each line that contains the same Bank Name and Country.

Please help me with this guys. I have attached the Excel file for your reference.

Book1.xlsx (9.3 KB)
Thanks in advance.

Hi you could group your table by bank name and country first. Then to make sure you do not have duplicates you could add a counter generation node to that grouping as new bank number. FInally you join the grouped table based on bank name and country back to your original table and only use the counter generation column. In case column order is important als use column resorter node at the end


Thank you it worked.