How to install a Knime Extension via drag & drop

New (very basic) user question: I go to and it says to drag the Extension to the Knime Workbench but any place I drag it to rejects the file. I’m sure this should be obvious, but to where exactly should it be dragged?

Hi @ihf,

Here you can find a short video showing you how to do it (scroll down to “Drag & Drop”):
Basically, you need to drag it into the workflow canvas. You also need to have at least KNIME 4.0 installed.



Hi @ihf,
what browser are you using? I think Internet Explorer, for example, is not supported. At least I have seen it fail in the same way on some PCs with IE, where it then worked with Chrome or Firefox.
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Operator error :slight_smile: I was dragging it into the Knime window but not into an open canvas. Works now. Thanks!