How to install ChemAxon license?

I’ve downloaded various Jchem and Marvin nodes, and I’ve installed the license from Infocom (via preferences) however in the JChem window I can only specify the location for one license file, which I did for the Infocom license. I’ve also received a license from ChemAxon but it is not clear to me how I should ‘activate’ it… When I try to run a Jchem node KNIME gives me the following error message:
Execute failed: no license file was found
Licenses are read from:

Any ideas on how to get it going?

Hi Z,

You are correct that only the path to the Infocom license gets set in the KNIME preferences. The ChemAxon license is handled outside of KNIME.

If you have installed any of the ChemAxon applications, running the licensemanager application will allow you to install the licenses.
Alternatively, simply placing the license.cxl file in C:\Users\yourUserName\chemaxon should also work.

Hope this helps.



Have these instructions changed since 2018? I just installed the four Marvin nodes under ChemAxon / Infocom, but I cannot find the options for installing the license on the Preferences dialog.


Hi Ning,

No, the instructions have not changed. At this time, the four Marvin nodes which are part of the free Marvin Chemistry Extensions do not require any licenses.

The full-featured JChem Extensions do require licenses, as described above.



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Sorry about the delayed response, Tim. I installed the Infocom JChem extensions from the Hub and was able to see the options for choosing the license file on the Preferences dialog.

Thanks for your help!


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