How to integrate Bahasa Stemmer (Sastrawi)

Dear All,

How to integrate Bahasa Indoesia stemmer (sastrawi) that based on python ( on  text classification workflow same as 009001_DocumentClassification or other similar?


Hi Roni,

is there any Java lib of that stemmer? It is not (easily) possible to integrate python functionality in a text processing workflow. The reason is that documents (contained in KNIME document cells) are more than simply strings. They are already tokenized etc. The Python integration allows only the usage of simple data types like int, double, string but not the usage of complex types, such as documents.

Java libs can be integrated more easily since you can create a custom KNIME node that wraps that functionality.

I hope that helps.

Cheers, Kilian

Hi Killian,

Thanks for your kind attention and helps. I am newbie in KNIME, i need to analyzing e-Complaints text in Bahasa Indonesia using KNIME for my post graduate research. There is a Java lib for bahasa stemmer it's called JSastrawi, for further information  it could access on github. But i don't know how to integrate it and use it in KNIME.

Thanks, hope it could find any solutions

Cheers, Roniwahyu

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