How to integrate Weka Data Mining Integration into knime?

Hello all,
Sorry if it’s an easy question. However, because I need to alpply numeric SVM and KNN, it’s said that i should do it in weka data mining integration. But I couldn’t do it. Can you please help me how to do?
Thanks in advance

Hi @kezban,

You just need to drag and drop the extension into KNIME Analytics Platform:

Or you can also:

  • In Modern (main) UI: go to “Menu” > “Install extensions” and then search for “weka”
  • In classic UI: File > Install KNIME Extensions and then search for “weka”
    Then select the extension and follow the steps in the wizard to install weka and restart KNIME AP.

Hi @armingrudd
I’m very much thankful for your response I appreciate. I installed it. One more question, I need to predict numeric value with first SVM and KNN? I saw a post written below with LibSVM installed from Weka. As simple and basic to predict numeric value is ok. Could you help on how to do it in pic. maybe or a link? Because I couldn’t find anywhere to explain it properly.

“with the Weka Data Mining Integration comes the LibSVM node which allows you perform Supoprt Vector Regressions”


I just replied to your post:

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