How to Join by date range

I have two tables as below.

(Table 1)

(Table 2)

(expected result)

I want to join by date range and add the week column, but I found that there is no node like this.
I was wondering if there are any way to join by date range.


@hhkim welcome to the KNIME forum

You could take a look at this approach

In addition you could take a look at other threads from the forum:


Thank you for your help.

But I’d like to join by range without SQL or cross join if possible.


Hi @hhkim , and welcome to the Knime Community.

The only way to do this without SQL would be via a cross join and then apply rule engine to match the range.

This can be quite resource taxing. The most efficient way is via SQL, and if you check what @mlauber71 suggested, you don’t have to set up any db server. It’s all virtual and done via memory.

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Thank you so much.
I’ll check again the example.

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I think this can be done with a dictionary binner node

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@Daniel_Weikert maybe you could provide an example. Could be an interesting addition.

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