How to join images of box plots together into 1 image?

Hi All

Does anybody know a way to join 3 images of boxplots from different experiments into 1 image prior to exporting that image file?

Currently I am producing boxplots with “Conditional Box plot (javascript)” then feeding these images to “Image To Table” in a loop, I’m also appending on 2 columns of string data to the table to allow me to filter for the 3 matching plots I want to join and export. This gives me a column of SVG images and the 2 of string data. I had hoped to be able to join/concatenate the images after transposing them from column to row but “Transpose” and “GroupBy” always replace the actual image with a text description or address. I’ve also tried putting the table through “Renderer to Image” and converting the images to .png first but this has not helped.

Many thanks in advance for your help