How to join two tables while merging duplicate cells in one row?

Dear all,

I have two tables as below:


Name Go
A 1111
B 2222
A 3333
C 4444
C 5555
C 6666

Table 2:


I need to join them to be like this (Table 3)

Name GOs
A 1111,3333
C 4444,5555,6666

I can do that in Excel, but my table is so big for that.

Any answer will be appreciated,

Thank you


More than a join it looks like filtering + grouping to me.

You can easily solve your task with just two nodes:

1) a Reference Row Filter node, to filter out the rows from Table 1 which have no correspondence with the Names in Table 2. Then you can pass the filtered table to

2) a GroupBy node, grouping on the Name column and manually aggregating the GO column with Concatente aggregation method and a comma "," as Value Delimiter (option at the bottom of the configuration window).


Dear Marco,

Your solution worked properly, Thank you so much


How can I merge duplicate rows in the same sheet. with a comma delimiter

HC44 Hello
HC44 This
AB55 Page 1
AC56 Rules

HC44 Hello, This
AB55 Page 1
AC56 Rules

You can use the GroupBy Node with the setting unique concatenate.