How to keep all text and numbers in one column

Hii all, i want to have a column with string and numbers ,what properties should I apply ?
I need string and double values in same column.

Hi @johnnybasha

If you really need to keep them in a single column then the String data type will hold both but keep in mind that your numeric values will then be treated as strings.

If you need to perform any calculations on them later you will need to then identify those that are numeric and convert them back into the required data type (in their own column, separately from the actual Strings).

Separating valid non-integer numeric values later from other String data can become a non-trivial task depending on the range of number formats used so this is something you might want to consider before combining your data into a single column.

May I ask if there is a special reason for wanting them in the same column? Depending on your use case, there may be a better solution.

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But the string is holding numeric values but it is adding a (.) In between the numbers.

Hi @johnnybasha , maybe you could post a sample workflow or some screenshots to better describe what is happening?

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After converting it to string you could apply any string transformation you want,
e.g. get rid of dots
replace function “.” with “”

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