How to keep line breaks in "Strings To Document"?

After I parsed my image containing text with the OCR node "Tess4J", a string column is added to my table, so I have a string for each image. When I go to "View: Image Viewer", the strings contain line breaks - rightly so. Now I would like to view the entire document, not just the first couple of lines. For that I use the node "String to Document" and "Document Viewer". However, now there are no line breaks anymore in the Document viewer. Everything is in one line. How can I tell the strings to document node, that it is supposed to respect line breaks, leaving them in?


The Strings to Document node does in fact respect line breaks, but they are not shown in the Document Viewer.

One thing you could try is to write your data to a temp file (use Create Temp Dir node and CSV Writer). Next, use a Line Reader node to read the data back in. The resulting data table should have one row for each line of data, allowing you to read the document.



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