How to keep the full output of and ARIMA model node?

in this part of my workflow, I have this table up to 2013:

the table has the year and 332 cities And I want to predict more than ten years up to 2022 the problem is that the output of the Arima model is only one city and I want the whole cities to be predicted and included in the output table, I tried to use column loops but it didn’t work since we need the date column to be always present.

how can I do it?

hi @mahmoudamintaha , welcome to the club.

use a column loops nodes approach.
analyze each city by iterating over the data and attaching the date to each city.

actually they are other approach from the experts which more efficient/fast,
in my unoptimized workflow here is just to give an idea to start with.

the output (scorers) here is the results from my selective configurations.


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