How to kill a SQL query from within KNIMe

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I have been having problems trying to kill queries that I have started using database reader. Sometimes there

is a bug and is running for a long time and I need ot get support from IT to kill the query. We have a sql server database. Is there anyway I can kill this uery from within KNIME? If I used sql server manangement studio it is easy to kill the query directly.




currently KNIME does not support query cancellation and I do not see a workaround for it right now. But I have added this request to our system and we will address the issue in one of our next releases.




I have no particular experience with SQL Server, but in the case of Oracle, it usually helps to exit / restart KNIME. If the session is terminated, the DB should automatically kill / roll back running queries. Of course, this is not a real solution and can become quite annoying, but might serve as a workaround.

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Hi @tobias.koetter,
Are there any news about this planned “kill query” feature?
I am going to dig into a very big database and I do not want rely on IT people in case my queries are too expensive for the underlying infrastructure and have to be killed.
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Hello ebrente,
the new database framework supports by default cancellation of db queries as long as it is supported by the used JDBC driver. So whenever you cancel the execution of a database node KNIME also sends the request to the driver (using this method) to cancel the execution.
For more details about the cancelation see the database documentation.


Ok, perfect, thank you very much!

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