How to know what is the suitable equipment for develop me as data scientist?

First of all, sorry for the mistakes in my writing in English, I am currently studying the language, I hope you understand me,

I took the online courses in udemy, and i loved knime,

And i’m decided to continuos my develop in knime and applicated by diferents areas like Finances, Commercial, Marketing, Audit, Accountand, Supply chain, etcetera, so I need to acquire a suitable equipment (laptop) to process millions of data in knime, in fact, i have millions of data clasificated on many dataset by month that i need to process for to calculate diferents indicatos like KPI’s, all this at the same time, the help that i need from you is, please recomend me which is the better laptop for develop this job, or if you know the features that this laptop need to have, i will be very grateful to you,

Right now, i don’t know which is the suitable laptop for this develop, i don´t know which mark is better, if MAC or DELL, in my last job, i had one laptop with the next characteristics:

Thank you very much and best regards,

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You would have to think about if a laptop is sufficient for your task. The most comfortable solution might be a MacBook pro with at least 16GB Ram (use more if budget allows) and give 10-12 to KNIME. This is a stable and powerful platform for all kinds of data analytic tasks.

Also it is very comfortable to type in my opinion. But of course Apple products come with a premium and the models before 2019 had some challenges with the quality of keyboards compared to the price.

If you need more serious power some workstation might be needed.


Thank you for the advice, i should understand, So Knime consume 10-12 GB of RAM to run?

Also, take a look on GPU utilization in KNIME.


Can’t say that. Depends entirely on your data. Albeit in this day and age and with intention of doing data science I simply wouldn’t but anything with less than 32 gb.

Agree. Very important to consider. Besides the fact that I do not like apple and even less so on the laptop side, this just is a very important argument against apple. The deeplearning-space has basically standardized on using CUDA and hence you will need an Nvidia GPU to profit from GPU acceleration. This rules out any apple product as they don’t offer Nvida GPUs in laptops. Besides that you simply pay the apple tax anyway, eg less hardware for same price.

However the suggested dell devices looks outdated. That is a 4 core processor from end of 2017 and the whole notebook seems to be a 2017 model. It’s also a workstation so rather heavy and big. Not very mobile. You can get better specifications in a much smaller package than that with a more modern device. I would only get this, if it is very cheap, less than $1000.

I would aim for at least 6-cores, 32gb RAM and if you want to go into deeplearning, an nvidia GPU. But given your intedned goals, KPI, classcial BI / data analysis I’m not sure you will need that. KPIs arent’ exactly data science.


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