How to learn KNIME online - fast

I try to compile an overview of ways to learn KNIME with some comments and focus on the way you like to learn and your level of experience. If you want to set out and learn KNIME the first question is how much experience you have and what type of learning you prefer. - Some people like to study books (BOOK), - some like online self-taught courses and articles (SELF), - some like video instructions (VIDEO) and - some like in-person seminars with live tutors (LIVE). There is a good overview in a (free) Udemy video course if this is your thing (VIDEO) So if you want a guided step by step introduction into KNIME this maybe is the place to start -------------- Here is a slightly older overview of several KNIME courses and resources in the form of a sort of interview to help you NAVIGATE the learning options Get on Board and Navigate the Learning Options at KNIME Also the Learning hub tries to give an overview although it might be a little overwhelming at some points (SELF): -------------------------- Then there are the self-paced courses where you would learn yourself step by step (SELF) If you are into reading books. KNIME has a collection of publications on out like "Beginner's luck" (BOOK): And (free) books specifically addressing people coming from other programs Excel to KNIME (BOOK) And KNIME has its own YouTube channel where you will find more (VIDEO) If you like in-person courses they are offered online and in person (LIVE). You would have to check for time slots (the material if offered online) -------------------------- If you are more experienced with analytic tools and want to dive right into it: If you just want to get a quick overview about KNIME and its capabilities (SELF) For a quick overview there is a CHEAT-SHEET A quick start guide (SELF) Along with the full documentation covering several topics (SELF) -------------------------- And then of course there are tons of examples in the KNIME forum ( and on the KNIME hub ( where people have solved a lot of problems one might have and give working examples and advice. And part of KNIME is the great community, so do not hesitate to ask. And finally if you want to study quite advanced examples there is the White Paper section where experienced KNIME users describe in detail some of their more interesting projects and also give you the workflows -------------------------- Additonally you could take this basic step by step introduction into KNIME

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