How to learn more ?

Hi everyone,

I just started to use knime about 3 months ago. I have already watched the E-Learning course.

But i want to learn more and improve my skill with advanced learning.
Do you know where I can find more free ressources to improve my knowledge ?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi @Foxyellow

No matter what you want to learn. Start doing it. Start using KNIME. Invent a use case you like to work on and go. See how you can overcome obstacles. In case of a problem, ask the forum, google it, get more familiar with the theory. It is always an interaction between practice and theory that makes you more and more experienced. And as @umutcankurt pointed out in the previous post, there is a lot of material to give you a quick start.


Like @HansS said. The best thing to learn about KNIME is to start doing something. A good starting point could be to take Kaggle competition and try to do everything in KNIME (from scratch) - this is how I started using it more. Or try to bring one of your daily tasks from Excel to KNIME. You will encounter all kinds of challenges but with the powerful resources of KNIME, you will overcome them and learn a lot.

Having said that. There is a free Udemy video course when you like this kind of learning:

Then of course there is the KNIME press with books for starters and more advanced stuff. And also guides if you are familiar with Excel or SAS and want to start using KNIME.

Then I might humbly point you to my own repository on the hub where I cover a wide range of topics. Some inspired by questions from the forum some from my more general use of KNIME. All examples contain sample data and can be completely run. And mostly I have enclosed descriptions or links to the relevant discussions in the forum so although not a complete course they might give you more insights about what you can do with KNIME.

And then on the hub there is so much more to find. I will just add my collection of interesting collections and some blog posts. But this is just a small insight into what is possible.

KNIME User Training Sample Workflows

extract_from_knime_hub.docx (12.3 KB)


Hi @Foxyellow

i confirm @HansS suggestion. If you have a real case start work on it. The best way to learn about Knime is to practice with real data and if you are struggling you can post your questions in this forum. Furthermore read the posts in this forum regular. In my mind it is the best way to learn.

You will become a good overview how the different nodes are working and you also get an impression that there are often different ways to solve problems.


Hi @Foxyellow,
I agree with @HansS and @mlauber71. The best you can do is to do something using your basic knowledge and then facing difficulties and solving them. To follow this approach, my top suggestion would be this forum. If you really want to learn KNIME and so many other skills in Data Science domain, just be active in this forum and you would be a pro soon. Not only because of all the instructive content already available here, but also because of the problems you can work on and solve.



Thank you very much everyone for your answers.

There is lot of thing to learn that sometimes I don’t know where to start.
That’s why I need to learn step by step to build my knowledge, and to have a real progression.


Don’t be afraid I never knew. Friends on the forum taught me a lot. You just think of what you want to do and you can develop gradually through examples. Make sure that expert friends on the forum you are looking for answers to will make sure that they will help you a lot.

:grinning: :wink:


Hi there @Foxyellow,

wanna learn more about KNIME? Start by solving Forum topics :sweat_smile:



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