How to load columns with datatype Decimal via DB Loader

Dear Community,

I have a problem with the DB Loader Node. I have a lot of datasets which I want to upload as fast as possible. DB Writer with batch size 45k takes ~3 min. I was told, that DB Loader should be faster.

Now I wanted to try the DB Loader Node (I checked the order and datatype to match the SQL DB table) and now I’m getting the following error:

ERROR DB Loader 4:70:1921 Execute failed: Decimal and Numeric columns aren’t supported in DB Loader

Hello @wladimir ,
the DB Loader does not support bulk loading into a DB table with Decimal columns. TO do so you need to use the DB Inserter or DB Writer node.


Thank you @tobias.koetter ,

thank you for your response! I found a workaround using “real” datatype instead of “decimal”.

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