How to lock a Workflow

Hi all! I would like to know if there is a possibility to lock my workflow in order to avoid people to make adjustements. Just for them to upload data, and obtain the final “product”.


Hi there @JorgeAraya20CR,

don’t think so. What kind of setup do you have? Do you send them these workflows? Anyways I don’t think you can do that with KNIME Analytics Platform. Access Management can be done with KNIME Server.



Hi @ipazin, correct I create the workflow and send it over for execution. But I´m hessitant that if user uploads incorrect data start wrangling around with nodes and suddenly make “adjustments” that hadn´t to be made because if incorrect data input.

Thanks for the clarification!

Hi @JorgeAraya20CR,

well in that case your workflow design should be created in a way to warn user if he uploads incorrect data. Nodes Table Validator or Table Validator (Reference) can help. Still you can’t make sure user won’t break it somehow…


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