How to lock the workflow

Is there a way to lock the workflow? For example, users won’t be able to move nodes, delete nodes/links? It is kind of read-only workflow.


Hi Currently there is no way to lock the workflows. We are working at on two products that would help to solve this issue. 1. Is the Interactive Dashboard. It allows to deploy a workflow and only the visualizations are visible to the user. He can use the hiliting capabilities on these views to get additional insight into the data, but the complexity of the workflow is completely hidden. 2. Is the KNIME Enterprise Server. It will have user access classes on the workflows. You would store the workflow on a central sever and give the user execution rights on the workflows. The users will be able to get the results but will not be able to change the workflow itself. We are currently working on these products with a release scheduled for beginning of 2010. Cheers Frank

Thanks for the info.