How to make a tab Menù in a data app?

Hi everyone, I’m new on KNIME, for my company I’m trying to make an interactive dashboard for some data to display. I Don’t find anywhere how to make a dashboard with different tabs, without changing the data each time you have to change tab. What I have are 5/10 different graph and tables, produced by different aggregation on the data, to display on a data app capable to have different tabs to explore. It is possible?

I already find this link: Eight Data App Designs with the New Refresh Button | KNIME

But using the node “Case Switch Data” there is only a single port for inputs, I already have 10 different Dashboard ready, I need only a widget to choose what display in the data app in order to merge all of them together.

Thanks, if someone has a solution.

For Case Switch Start you can add as many output ports as you need. Simply right click the node and go to “Add Ports”.

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 8.19.45 AM

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 8.19.05 AM

Then, this workflow Refresh Button Widget Example: Dynamic Content – KNIME Hub should be what you need. Let me know if you have more questions~


Thanks for replying, I saw that button, the problem is that I have different Input to manage, I can’t put this node at the start of the workflow because every time I need to change the graph on the data app it would restart all the workflow, but I have a very big dataset to manage, and this procedure will be very time consuming. Do you know a different way to reach a tab menu? Thank you so much for the help!!

I understand the problem now. The only thing I can recommend is to split your workflows. One workflow produces the dashboard graphics (daily? hourly?) into some folder and another workflow reads from that folder the most recent images which allows you to use case switch to switch between these static images you’ve captured with KNIME. Does this make sense? In that sense the dashboard is not 100% real time but good enough and avoids data reloading when switching between images.

Ok this solution can fit my problem. Thanks a lot!

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