how to make a table of unique value count

I am doing the data analysis and have an input dataset, for example like this: image
Then I would like to count the unique value in this table, the desired output is: image

I tried to use the value counter node, but I got Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID " " " " at row number 2. I checked the related topics, it seems that I have duplicate row ID " " in line 2. But I cannot find such a row with ID " " in line 2 of my dataset.

Since I am a newer of Knime, I am even not sure if using value counter is the corrent way. Any suggestions?

Suggestion: use a Cell Splitter to turn the string into a collection with space as a delimiter, then Ungroup, then use the Value Counter.

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See attached WF.
Unpivot Example.knwf (12.8 KB)

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Thank you for your sample, when I do term filter I find that it is OK

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