How to make coexist production and development version of the same custom python extension ?


I’m currently developping a KNIME custom extension following this tutorial :Create a New Python based KNIME Extension

I have managed to successfully develop and bundle my first extension.

Now, let’s say I want to further develop/debug it while at the same time still be able to use the bundled one in production.

What would be the best strategy to make the 2 coexist?
Should I use 2 different installations of KNIME or is there a more recommended approach?

Thanks for your support and advices.


Hello @pokyah,

It’s great to hear you’ve developed a custom KNIME extension! Regarding your question, the cleanest solution is indeed to use two separate KNIME installations: one for development and another for production. This ensures stability in your production environment while allowing flexibility for development and debugging. It’s a straightforward way to manage both processes without risking your production workflows.

Best of luck with your continued work on the extension!


Hi @bwilhelm;

Thanks for confirming this is a good strategy !

Best regards

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