How to match 2 columns from 2 different tables with different name formats


I want to return a value from another table (dictionary) using a lookup value but with different format. See example and attachment:

Table 1
Martin, Coco

Table 2
Name Hours
Coco B. Martin 48

I want to return this table 3:
Name Hours
Martin, Coco 48

Main Table.xlsx (9.2 KB)
Dictionary.xlsx (3.9 KB)

Hi @angelmilo ,
you might consider Value Lookup – KNIME Community Hub - you can specify the rule for string matching in the configuration window of this node. This allows for flexibility and does not restrict match to be exact.
Hope it helps!


Hi guys,

Maybe you can use the join node for it… the first step you need to set the left columns and the right column to check it… it doesn’t need to have the same name, is that help you?


At this momment, you an set only the match cases or any response you need, and can use the port to split the data as you with (top as match, middle as left only, bottom as right only)


join.knwf (18.8 KB)



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Forum H2 Join.knwf (156.9 KB)

This is kind of an advanced approach, but it is my preferred method for joins like this.

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