How to navigate from one component to another?

Hi Community,
I have a question. I will build a data app with multiple screens (components). I do not understand the concept of navigation between components.
In my example, I want the first screen to input a string variable that will be used in the next screen. So, to test, I created two components (C1 and C2), and I passed a table through. Each component has a text label and a refresh button.

So, can anybody explain to me how I get from C1 to C2? What node, widget or setting am I missing here?

Do you have KNIME Server / KNIME Hub in your organization? The interactive click through navigation from component to component until the end of the flow is working online. If you refer to KNIME AP where you create your flows locally there is no interaction beside opening one by one manually

Thanks! I have no Server yet. I was about to build a demo application to justify one.

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