How to obtain the list of fragments defining a certain fingerprint?

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if there is a way in order to obtain, for a certain molecule, all the fragments/substructures defining a certain fingerprints vector (e.g. Morgan,FeatMorgan, etc.).

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Hi Giovanni

As you have yet to get a response I will let you know what limited information I have.

I don't believe CDK, RDKit or Indigo have implemented any method of identifying which bits correspond to each index in their hashed fingerprints. ChemAxon have implemented in for ECFP and FCFP :

MACCS keys will likely vary between implementation. Here is an example for RDKit:

Pubchem keys can be found here:

Did that help at all?



Hi Sam,

Thank you for the references on dictionary-based fingerprints fragments (MACCS and PubChem keys). Anyway I was more interested in obtaining fragments relative to public, opensource, hashed fingerprints (e.g. CDK-JCompoundMapper, RDKit, Indigo). Unfortunately, from what you said, only ChemAxon has this possibility implemented and I imagine it is available only under commercial license.

I hope this feature could be implemented also in opensource nodes in the future. I think such a functionality would be very interesting, useful and it would add transparency to fingerprints generator nodes that sometimes can appear like black boxes.

Thank you anyway for your quick reply! I hope someone can tell me if there is any news on this front in the future.