How to pass a variable to a POST request node?

Dear all,

I’m developing a simple workflow to acces a webservice in a local server:


First I send a POST request to get the token. I then filter the token string to send it again to the server with a second POST request. What I don’t know is how can I pass this token to the “Header Value” in “Request Headers” tag of the last “POST Request Node”:

I mean, I cannot pass the token from Node 2 to Node 3 using a Flow variable, for instance. So how can I do it? Any idea?

Thank you!

Roger OIivella

You’ve selected Constant as your value kind, if you change this can’t you select a value from a column?

I’d have thought you use a flow variable to do ti also, does the option not appear in the Flow Variables tab?




Yes! I didn’t see it! So now I have it like this:

thank you!

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