How to pass variable in json request body?

I am trying to set json request body.
When I set this manually :
it work correctly, but I want set value 123456789 with variable.
Example :
{“test”: pass}
Please guide me.

Hi @Davood , the json can be created using Column to JSON:

create a column of the required name, e.g. “test”

and then the Columns to JSON node will convert that column to the required JSON

If you are then using a node such as “POST Request” you can use that column directly (e.g. if you have multiple post requests with a table of data)

Or alternatively, if you are doing a single call and want to specify it using a flow variable, you’d convert it back to a variable with Table Row to Variable and then define the body as a constant, supplied by the flow variable:

create json from variables.knwf (15.8 KB)


Thank you.
Your guidance was very useful. :revolving_hearts:

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