How to pass variable value dynamically to run workflow in KNIME


  • Created workflow in KNIME with multiple steps.
  • Created a Flow Variables and Variable Loop has been used in a KNIME workflow to dynamically pass parameters ,overwrite the node settings and writing output data into csv file.

Please help me on this , When we run the workflow how to pass the variable value dynamically and based upon value the workflow step need to be run.


Hi there Ramesh,

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If I got you right you can use KNIME nodes for switching. There is IF Switch and Case Switch nodes.

Here are workflow examples:*HX6X19wFZ41e0Ri9*_cHGyAPEClgQNXC3

Take a look and if you need I can make you an example workflow if you provide more information.



Hi Ipazin,

Thanks for your reply.
I have created workflow like second case as you mentioned above.
Executing Entire Workflow from Menu bar, Workflow running successfully for all cases but for my scenario is when we run the workflow it should ask for variable value(dynamically) based upon the value the case statement will execute the flow.

Please find the attachment.


Hi Ivan,

Implemented workflow :

  • Load Database connection parameters in database from CSV (Config File)
  • Created workflows using database connections parameter Table and parameterised using Case Switch Data and Row Filter
  • Applied Table Row To Variable Loop Start component in workflow to pass row as flow variables for consecutive nodes
  • Executed Database connector with flow variables based on row filter
  • Select Tables or sql query from Database reader based on Database Connection and write into CSV File
  • String Input has been used as a local variable and override node setting for following nodes.

Allow User to accept Inputs during execution of work flow (Dynamically passing user inputs )



you mean you would like to start workflow and then be able to give value to the variable? That is possible but only via KNIME WebPortal which is part of KNIME Server.

Here is an older video but still applies I believe:


Yes correct.

Please guide me, how to install KNIME server and is it available KNIME server trail version.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Ramesh,

Please contact and I’m sure they will help you further on :wink:

Additionally here is link on KNIME documentation. There you will find section for KNIME Server. From installation, administration and other things…


Thank you Ivan for guiding me .I will contact to sales team.

Thank you.


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