How to perform 5x2cv paired t test?

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I would like to compare the performance of two algorithms (regression) on a dataset using 5x2cv paired t-test. This is what I’ve came up with:

I don’t know if it’s right, so i need some help.

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Hi @Am_HR7 -

What are you trying to compare with the paired t-test? Usually that’s used to compare means using hypothesis testing - but what are the means you would compare here?

Screenshots are often not enough to really dig into, so if you can upload an example workflow (with some dummy data, if necessary) that would help others here better understand what you’re trying to do.

Dear @Am_HR7,

this is a very specific test, so it is not implemented in KNIME. However, there is a Python library available (here). So I would simply use a Python Script node and use the Python library.
Here is an example workflow:
5x2cv T-test.knwf (525.5 KB)

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