How to perform a data transformation and analysis process in KNIME

Hello everyone, I’m trying to perform a data transformation process that I did with python on KNIME, as KNIME offers analysis and transformation all in one place.
It involves:

  1. merging several 1d arrays into one row using the unique ID they have in common
  2. Separating a defined range of columns into several .xlxs or .csv files
  3. Performing an average and percentage function on several columns (from the file in step 2)
  4. Merging step 3 files into one .xlxs or .csv file.
  5. Overlaying the GPS data points collected over the actual locations to check for inconsistencies.

Please see attached files for step 2 and 3, which was done in python, attached also is the dataset
PHC_ISS_TOOL_Q2_OCT_11_V2_2022_results_Mon_7_42.xlsx (602.3 KB)
one with python in Google C
Column separation script.txt (2.6 KB)
ISS Merging script.txt (652 Bytes)

You could get started using joiner or column appender node to merge your files in 1 row

Thank you very much Daniel.
I implemented what you suggested, however the results are not coming out as they should.
Even with some tweaks on the column appender and joiner, the results are not displaying as when I run it via python.
Is there something I am missing

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