How to Pivot this unpivoted data in Knime?

I unpivoted a data that need cleaning, after that it looked like this.

Now, I wanted to pivot it back to original state , I used the Pivot node in KNIME but I wasn’t skilled enough, so the data look like this now
How to pivot data correctly with 3 columns (2000,2010,2014) Census. plz help?

Hi @DyslexianCoder,

i suggest following settings.

Group column: RowIDs
Pivots: ColumnNames
Manual Aggregation

  • Colum: ColumnValues
  • Aggregation: First Value
    Advanced Settings:
  • Column Name: Pivot Name
  • Aggregation Name: Keep original Name(s)



Thanks a lot. it said in the docs
“Group columns
Select one or more columns according to which the group rows are created.” So I thought i had put in ColumnValues here which will then be assigned to each pivoted column , that’s where i made that mistake. thnks again :smile:

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