How to preserve formats for UPCs and GTINs in KNIME

I'm trying to read in UPC and GTIN product numbers in custom format from Excel and preserve the set of 12 (UPC) or 14 (GTIN) numbers as a String in KNIME.  However, KNIME converts them to a string in exponential shorthand format , eg.,  4.978552E10.  Then it's hard to know how many zeros go at the end vs. the # of leading zeros.

How can I read in the UPC or GTIN numbers and keep them intact in KNIME, including leading zeros?


You can choose a different renderer for numbers (right click on the table header) or convert the column using Number To String (though it has no option to scientific/non-scientific notation). If the goal is only visual, you might try the Renderer to Image node.

The default renderers can be specified in the Preferences.

...or you change the type of the column(s) in the File Reader to string.