How to publish to Tableau server with DESCRIPTION/ABOUT

Hi everyone,
I’ve got the publish to Tableau server working perfectly except that I’m unable to find a spot where I can provide a description of the datasource I’m publishing. While I can name the datasource fine (black area in image) I’m unable to figure out how to push a description (blue area in image).

Datasource Example

I can do this via Tableau Prep or going in manually afterwards and updating the “About” section of the data source but I’m trying to move away from Prep to KNIME and I don’t want to have to manually update the description (“About” in Tableau) every time I run the flow.

Any ideas?

Hi @rpolako and welcome to the forum -

I don’t think this is currently supported with our Tableau nodes, but I’ve asked the dev team for more details. It sounds like we need to create a ticket on our side.

I’ll report back :slight_smile:

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