How to pull rows with most recent date

How can I filter a table to only pull the rows with the earliest dates? For example, I have a table with 9 rows and 2 columns. The first column has the name of the subject and the second column includes the dates. The table would look like the excel file attached. How could we make a table that only includes the row with the earliest date for each person? What nodes are required for this in Knime?


what you are looking for is the GroupBy node. First you select the column to group by (e.g. person) and then choose an aggregation function. In your case you would use the min function on the date column as aggregation. For further information on how to use the node, you should give this a try:


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And after the groupby which will get you the min date, use a reference row filter to get the row for the min date only.

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