How to purchase KNIME Server Small running on windows server

Hello everyone

We are Writing a Proposal about building KNIME Server Small running on windows server.
But in the following Knime pricing web site, it seems KNIME Server Small is only sold in AWS or Azure.

KNIME Server Small’s Operating System in AWS AMI is “Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS”, It seems windows server is not supported.

How to purchase KNIME Server Small running on windows server?

Thanks in advance

Hi @laughsmile

please reach out to our Customer Care team, you can find the links on the pricing page as below.

Hi @Iris

Thanks for your response.
I click the contact us link and write the message, but after clicking the “send message” button, the following web page is shown(have tried to send message several times):

Do I send message successfully?

Thanks advance.

Hi @laughsmile
thank you that is a really good find. We will fix this.

This is “only” a wrong error message. Your request was well received and my colleague should be in touch with you soon.

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