How to put a global variable in a workflow


I was wondering if I can put a global variable in a workflow.
For example, If I call a workflow by using “Call Workflow Service node”
and I want to put a global variable from “Call Workflow Service node” to the workflow that is executed by “Call Workflow Service node”.

I’d would appreciate it if someone help me :slight_smile:


It is not possible to make a global variable in a KNIME Workflow, we had some very old technology which with it was possible. However we are definitely not recommending it.

What would be your usecase for a global variable?

Just to be clear, are you referring to the Workflow Variable Administration as being the old technology?


Yes, the Workflow Variables are legacy only. We keep them as we have some users and partners who still have workflows using them. But we would not recommend them for new projects.


Can you elaborate on the reasons? Thanks

Honestly that is already quite some time ago. One point I well remember was duplicate handling, e.g. a local had the same name as the global.
We used them for parameterized scheduling of workflows on KNIME Server, which was reimplemented and the new implementation has a lot more features and is more comfortable.

The main point for me was that everything is in the workflow now again, so the workflow is self contained.


I was not aware that these became legacy (simply because I don’t use them anymore). That’s good to know.

Yes, that can be confusing, and for sure we would not know what would happen in this case unless we tried it or look for the documentation about it. There’s no longer any need to ask ourselves that question anymore.

And of course, we would also not have the issue raised by this thread :wink:

Thanks for sharing @Iris

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