How to put a picture in a component

Hello KNIME support team and users.

I am currently configuring a custom component and would like to add a picture to the component to decorate it as shown in the picture below.


Please let me know how to put a picture in it.


Hi @JaeHwanChoi

Go inside the component and navigate to the Description tab (View → Description). You’ll be able to change the icon there.



Thank you! @ArjenEX

Is it possible to add pictures to metanodes like components?

Not that I’m aware off.

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Hi @JaeHwanChoi , the only way I can think of would be to right-click on the metanode and make it a component.

(It would still be the same metanode but would now be wrapped by the component. In much earlier versions of KNIME components were actually known as “wrapped metanodes” and you’ll find them described as such in older documentation).

I don’t think it would affect the behaviour except that to see the metanode itself you first have to open the component and then open the metanode, but you could then edit the image as described by @ArjenEX above :wink:


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