How to read a CSV file from a URL

I am a newbie in using the KNIME Analytics Platform and i have a use case that i need to read a CSV file from a URL that our client provided.


When i opened the link that was provided by our client example link: the browser will download it automatically.


I already read some of the article here in KNIME Forums that are related to my use case. some say’s i need to use the CSV reader to read the file or the File Reader but it was not successful on my end.

Can someone please guide me on how to do this in KNIME? Thanks!

Hey @rdaveligon10,

You should use the file reader as is auto-detects a lot of options for reading the file. I used a sample csv at Just putting that into the file reader worked out.

What kind of errors do you get for the File Reader?


Thanks for your quick response - I already tried the file reader but it returned this error:

And by the way the URL link that i will use is HTTPS

If you scroll down in the node dialog, there should be more errors at the bottom.

Apologies my late reply, yesterday i encountered some issue downloading the CSV file thru the link that our client provided. The link that was provided by our client yesterday returned an “Page cannot be display” and based on my conversation with our client. I can only access the link 10 times every hour if i exceed with 10 attempts the page will return “Page cannot be display”

Today i am doing some testing reading the CSV file thru the file reader as per your advice. The File reader returned this error:

When i checked the logs of the server with the client. why do KNIME is making loads of attempts within a space of few seconds in this case it 12 attempts happened and this cause the link to not be accessed

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