How to read access files?

Hi Everybody,

I want read access files , but “DB Table Selector” node not work.
Do you know how to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.


@Banksy I assume you can access the data in the original file?

Can you check if it might be a View accessing data outside the file?

Also could you provide us maybe with a log in debug mode and update the metadata in the table selector on the left side.

Hi @mlauber71 ,

The access file can view data from outside and KNIME log please following image, thanks.

@Banksy I do not think the driver can follow the external links in an Access file.

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@mlauber71 is correct here. This is unfortunately a limitation of the UCanAccess driver and linked files.


Hi @mlauber71 ,

I’m so sorry, I don’t get it. Why can’t the driver follow the external links in an Access file? And how to edit the KNIME workflow can be use, thanks.

I think the only way currently would be to access the linked files separately from KNIME and recreate the query/table.

I don’t know. You might post that question in the forum of the UCanAccess driver.

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