How to read csv/txt files listed in a List Remote Files node

I connected to an FTP server by FTP Connection node and get the files by List Remote Files node, I am trying to read these files into KNIME by CSV Reader node and process the data. My question is how to convert the URI format (e.g. URI:; EXT: csv ) to file path so as to use it in CSV Reader?
I searched for the solution in Forum but not get any one. Appreciate if someone can provide a workflow to perform this task or a workaround solution.

How about you download the files to a local (temp) folder and then import them?

Hi mlauber71,
Thanks. But I can download the workflows or drag&drop in the KNIME platform.
Appreciate you If you can post your workflows here.

@Hawk326040 you can download the WF from the Hub


Sorry, I can’t download it from the hub. Showing me the msg: This site can’t be reached.

I downloaded the WF just now, but there is a missing node “URL Decode”, do you know which site have this “URL Decode” node?

This node is part of the Vernalis (trusted extension)

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