How to: Read/extract body text from email to Excel?

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to say that I am quite the beginner with KNIME, I used it during my Business Analytics course in my degree (which I am graduating soon!). I would appreciate some guidance, ideas and suggestions on a current project that I am planning to do.

I am planning to create a KNIME workflow that will:

  1. Read/extract email body texts.
  2. Input text/data into specific columns in Excel.

I understand that currently there is no live feature that could track and read emails online. However, I found a post talking about Tika Parser, and all I need to do is find a way to use a node that reads .eml files once a new file is created in a folder. I tried to find this ‘node’ but I can’t seem to find one that fits this behavior.

Does anyone here have a better idea or recommendations on what I should do?

Hey @ebuxton :wave:t2:

Welcome to the KNIME forum. I’m glad to hear you used KNIME while pursuing your degree. :mortar_board:

Having in mind the goal of your workflow, I would give a try to the new Email Processing KNIME extension :knime: .

Below are a couple of workflows that could help you to understand how to use it:

  1. Email Attachments Extraction

  2. Email Classification

Just download the workflows and import them into your KNIME Analytics Platform, open it, and KNIME will ask you to install the missing extension.

More information on how to download and install KNIME extensions here.:link:

I hope it can be useful


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