How to read formulae in linear regression and poly regression node for time series analysis

Am using this generic workflow for a start to explore the best distribution (linear or poly regression) for temperature and microbial microbial loading correlation study in time series but am confronted by the challenge on how to read the formulae in the linear/poly regression nodes so need to seek advise.

At the end of the day, I want to know x increase in Temperature would give rise to y increase in microbial loading.

New user here. Thanks.

Silly me when the answers are right in front of my screen as follows:


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Hi @limcw -

You can also get this information a couple of other different ways:

  • in KNIME table form by looking at the output from the third (bottom) port of the learner node
  • in a view by right clicking the learner node and selecting View: Learned Coefficients



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