How to read google doc into KNIME

There are examples which can retrieve google spreadsheet into KNIME, I was wondering whether I could access google doc from my google drive. Appreciate sharing your example, if any of you have done this.

Hi Hawk326040,

I guess it is worth to have a look at the following blog post: It shows how to blend together Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Hope that helps!



Hi Vincenzo,

Thanks for your recommendation. Yes, it's a good post, following the steps in the blog post, I can retrieve Google spreadsheet successfully through KNIME.

Then, I want to create a workflow to retrieve Google Docs, Google Slides,  and I think the nodes for generating POST Request should be same, I don't know how to configure GET Request Wizard metanode,  what's the prefix string in Table Creator node? is it like or whatever? and how to retrieve datasets in a specified page of the Docs or Slides?

Could you help me on this purpose? Thanks in advance!