How to read images with handwriting (For example a handwritten letter or Doctor's prescription)

I want to read image documents with handwriting.
Amazon Rekognition does it to quite extent.
I want to be able to do the same with KNIME.
Actally, I want to have doctors’ handwritten prescriptions read.

On KNIME, I was able to read images with standard text, but handwritten text was a challenge.
Please help me.

Hi @thenaveenpandey
I guess you are already using the Tesseract extension to do OCR? If so can you please describe your problem in a bit more detail? What challenges are you facing, etc.


KNIME is able to read the images with proper text using Tess4J integration. But, images which have handwriting is not being identified properly. Thats the challenge. For example, I want a handwritten letter read.

We do not have a trained model for handwriting detection with Tesseract, you would need to train a model youself:

or obtain a model for handwritten text detection from someone else, you can then use this within KNIME.

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