How to read only specific excel sheets? Half way there - stuck.

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out a way to go through numerous files (200+), pull out the sheet names, and have the Excel reader only from those sheet names - pulling data from each one.

Right now, my workflow is

Read Excel Sheet Names > Gather a list of the names on my folder with the files I need

Row Filter > Filter out unnecessary sheet names

Table row to variable loop start > tell excel reader which variables it will be reading for the sheet names

Excel Reader > Pull the data from the selected sheets

Loop End > Hopefully get my output

My issue is that not all of the excel files have all of the sheet names in them. So I run into errors where it says ‘File does not contain a sheet named April 2022’. Many files will have sheets for different months so not all will be contained within it.

Pass to final loop name of excel file together with desired sheet name - instead of just sheet names. (of course it will be more steps in loop but allow you to pass entire loop without error).

@sroberts maybe you take a look at this example


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