How to read several files batch/loop from a directory

I would like to read in several txt-files in a loop from a directory. Is that possible? The workflow is needed to extract information from a cohort of several files and comprise them in a single result file

I have managed now the combination of "List Files", Table Row To Variable Loop Start" and "FileReader connected by flow variable and URL-Readin via variable.

However now I get the error: "Execute failed: Too many data elements"

The lines are indeed very long. I have 300 tab-separated rows. But when I just read in a single txt-file with File-Reader only, there is no problem. Why that?


How can I solve the problem?

One of your input files has more columns than the first one with which you configured the File Reader. If you have varying number of columns, then use the CSV Reader which auto-guesses the format for each file.

Thanks a lot. Works fine.

I have a problem, that each file shows different column length in different rows. And I would have to use several Column Deliminter in CSV-Reader: TAB and semicolon at the same time. Would that be possible?