How to read xlsb files into Knime


Within my company many automatically generated information products / reports are in the xlsb format. I pickup these files and use them as the starting point for my workflows. Currently i have to manually open these files and save them in the xlsx or xls format before i can read them into the file reader because the xls reader does not support the xlsb format. However the more reports i created this method starts to take up a lot of time and i am looking for a way around this.

Does anybody know of a way to read xlsb files into Knime (or R if that is easier).

Help would be much appreciated!

Hello, I did quite a bit of hunting and didn't find anything.  I guess you will need to manually convert to csv?



Hi all,

just writing to let you know that with the latest release of KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4 the reading of xlsb files is supported by the Excel Reader. Thanks for all the feedback and let us know if you have any other feature requests!