How to reclaim empty white space at bottom of window

I’m using v5.0.0 on Windows 10

How do I reclaim the empty space at the bottom of my KNIME window? I need to maximise screen area at work for my Node Monitor, so I don’t understand how to eliminate the wasted space at the bottom of the screen, screenshot below

Is this something that can be adjusted from the View menu? Thanks

Hi @J_Knime_Work -

You can click the minimize icon (looks like a minus symbol) in the top right of each window in the interface to hide windows away. You can also drag and drop windows to move them around, and click drag their edges to resize them.

If you ever want to get back to the default representation of the interface, you can always go the top menu and click View → Reset Perspective.

Thank you @ScottF . I think I might be referring to the status bar at the bottom of the window, where occasionally I see messages or a progress bar like this. Is there a way to disable it to free up more screen space for useful workflows? Thanks

Sorry @J_Knime_Work, I misinterpreted your original question and thought you were talking about the node monitor.

It turns out that you can toggle the status bar - I learned something today! :slight_smile:

Click on the magnifying glass on the top right, and then type “status bar” in the dialog that appears. Then you can click on the status bar option to toggle it off / on.

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Incredible, thank you! What a great tip

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