how to recognize equal rows that contain strings

Hi. How can i recognize equal rows which contain strings? And then delete the duplicate ones?

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Hi, I used it (duplicate row filter). It doesn’t recognize equal stings (I have a column with title of papers). I also used sting manipulation and sting to documents before duplicate row filter but I have not success!! It see each row as unique (even those with same title in the column).
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Can you share your workflow and/or data so that we can see what’s going on?

For example, why line Row79 and line C_38 are unique?

Did you remove all whitespaces? You can use string manipulation for this. If that doesn’t work, can you share those duplicate rows as a csv or excel, etc?

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How did you configure the Duplicate Row Filter node?

Can you share the data as a csv file?

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Thank you, I share the duplicate rows with csv

Hi @monica_rosciano , it does not seem like you shared anything…

The Duplicate Row filter should work. It’s what it does. In most cases, if not all, where it does not give the expected results is because of the way it’s configured (are the proper columns selected) and/or there are some hidden characters such as whitespaces that we don’t see that cause the rows not to be the same - so basically everything that everyone has pointed to in the thread.

So, definitely please share how you are configuring the node, and also as a test for whitespaces, you can do a join("XXX", $new column (#1)$, "XXX"). This join() statement will prepend and append “XXX” to your string and should show any whitespaces if there is any.

And of course, you can remove the whitespaces as @victor_palacios suggested, you can do this using the strip() function


Thank you, I’ll try to follow your advice.

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