How to reconize the duplicate information?

Hello knime community, this time I am working on a project using an Excel document. but the data of the different rows is repeated in all the extension of the sheet. So I’m trying to solve the problem by using a rules engine to find and match the same features in different columns. But I can’t make it work.
So in the end i dont know how to reconize the duplicate information on diferent rows

is there any node to apply a solution to this problem?

Did you already try the Duplicate Row Filter node? Maybe it helps. Here’s an example workflow how to use it: Duplicate Row Filter – KNIME Community Hub


hi @hotzm. I never use this node before but i will doit right now. tnks, btw i will share the result

Ok, now i can fix the Duplicated information along the diferent columns, but first i have to cut the information to preserve the rest of the columns of the elimination proces. and now i need to utilice a Joiner node to make it hapens, and i can´t join the two tables correctly. i don´t wanna be abusive in the forum, but if you know how to doit, just let me know, tnks alot.