How to release Developer License?

Hello, everybody,

A colleague has changed the department and I would like to reissue his developer license for the KNIME server. Unfortunately I can’t find an option to deactivate it, so it blocks the license. As a user he should still be able to use the portal, so deleting it would be bad.

What can I do?

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Hi @sym_infodata,

I’ve sent you a PM to discuss this in more detail.


This is a real problem with Knime Server, the inability to swap out named licenses when staff leave. I have no success in trying to resolve this via support channels, no one seems to know how long Server will hold a license before it releases…seems like quite a few months. If anyone knows the answer please post!

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Hi @lstapleton

I wrote you a PM to follow up.

Best, Iris

do you know the response?